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Points and Scoring

Points are accumulated throughout the season by:

Attendance per Tournament                          30 Points
Big Fish Bonus                                            5 Points
Each Live Fish Released                                 1 Point
Place Points (Inverted)                               Place by Weight
First Place Points                                        10 Points
 1 point per pound no rounding______________________

* Big Fish Bonus will only be issued to one team, with the overall largest fish, during a 2-day event.

** Inverted place points are determined by which place a team comes in by weight for each event. For example: There are 15 teams in a event. The team that finishes first in weight would receive 15 points in addition to the 30 attendance points, plus 1 point for each LIVE fish brought to the scales. The 2nd place team by weight would receive 14 points, 3rd place = 13 points, 4th place = 12 points, etc.

This type of accumulative scoring carries more emphasis on attendance to the events, fish catching consistency and being able to keep caught fish alive, rather than pure weight.

Short fish penalties apply for individual tournament events. All weights measured hundredth pounds decimal.